What does he want? guys please answer asap

SO after making it very clear that he won't get back and then I gave up after trying to get him back for 4 months. Mainly because he moved on . He seems to call me randomly. He called me 3 days ago and I didn't answer. And again he calls me today. I was at the gym so didn't notice the call. And then I get an email saying " I need to talk to you about so and so. let me know when you can talk."

I messaged that person he mentioned and asked if anything happened. And she said NOPE. I have not spoken to him about you and we have had no discussion / argument..

Why is my ex doing this? Now that I am trying to move on and I've blocked him from everywhere why is he doing this?

Should I call back or reply to his email?
+1 y
He left me a text message after the email saying the same thing.

I decided to move on because he did not come back after me tryng for 4 months. But I still have feelings for him. and I still would get back if he said so. but I don't know what the right move is
What does he want? guys please answer asap
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