Staring eyes. Bad habit? intimidating?

Bad habit? intimidating? My best friend likes it...she laughed about it once, and said, "you always stare into my eyes!" I asked her if I should stop, she said, "no, it isn't bad..."

What do you think?


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  • I don't like staring into people's eyes for too long. I always break contact after a few seconds, then look back, and so on. If I'm not looking and you keep staring at me, that makes me uncomfortable. I'm self concious that way. I lose my train of thought if people stare directly into my eyes, and it's hard to look away. I think eyes are the most powerful physical feature. So yeah, I suppose you could say I find it intimidating. If your friend doesn't mind it though, then why not?

    • I just wondered if other girls liked it, or just my friend....

  • omg, it is intimidating! SSSOOOO intimidating! BUT DON'T STOP STARING! I'm reading this book right now called unmasking the face by paul ekman and this friesen person. my place in the book talks about how looking into someone's face is socially not polite and things like this, but if you want to know what's going on, how the person really feels, KEEP STARING! and, it's a very intimate thing, which totally explains why so many people find it uncomfortable [in general] and so many couples do it ALL the time [another generalization]. so, I say it's a wonderful, intimidating habit. keep it up! if only I had the courage to keep facial and eye contact in a conversation..


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