Is staring a tell tale sign of attraction?

Whenever he sees me I catch him staring and sometimes looking back after I walk by him. . It kind of makes me nervous because I feel like he is watching me and when I glance at him he smiles and waves. He says hi but not much else. So what's up.with this guy. He doesn't seem like the shy type. Is he just not interested in me?

lol...he does say hello and he always asks how I am. we have had conversations hear and there...he always smiles, I told him I was sick and he asked how I was feeling the next time he saw me...little things..


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  • He could have no social graces, Aspergers syndrome, or just be creepy. If he just stares at you all the time I wouldn't try to spark anything romantic with him... think of the dinner conversations for pitty's sake!

    "Some weather we're having"

    He chews his salad and stares blankly at you.

    "It's, uh, nearly time for Family you like Family Guy?"

    His fork goes gently into the salad bowl, his unblinking eyes stay fixed on you.

    "Hey I have a great idea, want to have a staring contest?" You follow this up with nervous laughter.

    I see totally awkward children in your future! ;)


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  • That's call the hypnotic stare. In some cultures which value peace and harmony, staring is consider extremely impolite because it is an act of aggression. Life and death fights have begun that way. In wildlife, animals use it to freeze their prey so that they have time to jump on them. Some tactical oriented human beings retained this animalistic trait, or learnt and used this technique well, in both business and private situations.

    That being said, it can be a very deep loving look between two genuine lovers. In that case, it is a look, and not a stare. Fine difference, also BIG difference. Trust your feelings, they will tell which is which.


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  • Staring or looking does not mean they like you. I am sorry but it cracks me up every time people ask this question. The only way to know is to talk to him and suggest dinner or something.

  • Note: Even the most outgoing guys can be real shy guys. He maybe indecisive on how to actually get a real connection with you besides hi's and hellos. The little things he says are does really show how he feels. Do you feel he's interested in you? Study his reactions a bit more and you'll have your answer, darling. Good luck :)

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