Does he like me or not?

I'm great friends with this guy. He told me he likes me once, and he's said things like: "We'll figure out things down the road." "I'm just not ready for a relationship yet." "I truly wasn't sure if I liked you that much or not." "I'm not quite in love with you as much as you are with me." He says he won't commit to anyone, until he solves the mystery of why his first girlfriend left him... 6 years ago. He's said he's questioning his manliness. I plan on giving him an excellent response to this... and saying the right things to him. ^.^ This guy often looks down at the ground when he sees me as he's walking by, he rarely tries to make me laugh, but when he does... it's cute. One girl asked me that he told her I said I loved him, and wanted to know if this was true. She said "it's okay, we all love somebody." I don't think he'd be the type to walk around telling everybody, I think people just ask him... but a lot of people have asked if we're dating. He often smiles at me, and sometimes we worked in group projects. One time I left the lunch table for a while (we usually would sit next to each other everyday) and he had this big smile on his face saying things like this: "So your leaving the table for someone better." "See ha! You admitted it!" He wouldn't respond to my e-mails because he said he gets home so late, and thinks it'd be better for him to respond the next morning. He is a very busy guy, but won't call either. He told me once that he wasn't looking at anybody else. He said a long time ago he didn't want to hurt me. It happened, and then he said he wanted to be my friend not lover. I responded to him saying I wanted him to fix the problem and said I need communication to be happy. Just fix it, and I'll be fine. His whole attitude towards me changed... he kind of started having my opinion on things that he never had before. Like this, "It's okay, I mess up too." He responded to me with a "I'm still not sure how I feel about you. Something has been telling me to get with you. I don't want you to wait for me because that hurt you. I know guys use this as a turn off, but I"m saying this as a friend... you might find someone else." Whoa. Then one day I told him I had another guy I was looking at, and he said he wanted me to move on, and said it was great." I told him this story... and he didn't respond, but started talking and started up this "flirty" attitude... HE'S NOT FLIRTY! Basically he says he wants to solve that mystery of his first girlfriend left... FIRST. When I usually give him responses, his opinion changes kind of like mine...? I got mad at him, said I was sorry, and his opinion was, "We all say things we don't mean Kelly. It's normal, it's okay." I kind of said something like "We all mess up... it's normal Ben!" to him before. Huh? Sometimes he blushes, and fidgets around me too. One time he got so nervous... ha ha... he was messing up... and my mom even caught him staring at me across the hall...
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What I mean by flirty: Is he'd try to make me laugh... a few times that he never did before.
Does he like me or not?
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