How does a shy guy meet girls?

alright. I'm single and looking once again. my only hassle is that I'm at an all boys private school. and I have virtually no female friends. how am I supposed to meet girls especially seeing as I'm incredibly shy. I've asked an ex from some time ago how I preformed as a boyfriend and apparently I'm very good (although she might just be trying to say nice things). so how do I meet them? I'm so shy, I get nervous and sorta just freeze.



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  • Faking it till you make always worked for me when I was shy. I stil have my moments , but everyone loves a person that just seems to sweat confidence. Sometimes you just have to jump in the fire, swallow your guts and go for it. No matter how scared you may be... just talk to someone, anyone you'll find your person as long as you always seem like an open guy, an easy person to talk to then you have a lot more options.

    hope I helped =)

    - Melody

    • Haha I'll give it a go some time. I just have to go out with some mates I guess, won't know for sure till then =]

    • Yea that will definantly help, having friends around always gives me an extra boast of confidence. =)


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  • lols you sound like one of my exes

    really what you need is to pretend that the girl is just like ur friends

    get a heap of friends that are girls

    and eventually you get more and more comfortable around them

    also I used to b helll shy and then I started faking confidence

    it isn't as bad as it sounds

    i just go hey maddi you are confident, happy , friendly

    try making a list of all your good qualities and pretend that they are like masks until you feel confident

    each mask makes you a different quaility


    happy= put on a big smile and let happiness fill you

    confident= lols you are the man tehee(I just wanted to say that teheh),

    imagine who you wanna b then b that person :D






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  • I was in the same position as you. If you want to be more outgoing and social then you really just have to get out there and practice. It's going to be hard at first and uncomfortable. But with time, it's definitely going to become easier.

    As for meeting them, get to some events. Your school might offer some social events that you can go to that will include some girls. Otherwise, outside school activites or go to some house parties. These are great, low pressure environments to meet girls. At parties, you're free to just walk up and say "Hi" and they'll nearly always be receptive even if you might not have the most interesting thing to say.

    Another thing that helps greatly is looking comfortable. Yes, this is going to be hard at first but practice being around women, talking to women and it'll come. That includes body language, eye contact, voice tonality. If you're nervous, she's going to be nervous. So try to relax and enjoy the experience. This is supposed to be fun! Good luck.

  • Any time you're away from school, take an opportunity to chat up women you might see out and about. Even if it's just small talk, the more practice you get talking to women, the easier it will eventually become to do on a regular basis. At that point, your confidence will start to grow, and then you can go out and flirt with/chat up women whenever you choose. Trust me, this former shy guy knows. 8-)

    Good luck!

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