Guys: Do guys ever ignore girls they like? And if so, why? Please help asap!!

Be honest please!! Okay so there's this a little shy guy who I'm almost 100% sure that he likes me (I do like him too), he gave me almost all the signs that he likes me. We only get to talk only a little bit on the lunch break at school, so that's why he hasn't yet given me all the signs, though. It is sometimes very hard to tell what he is thinking. But I can tell that he acts a lot differently and specially at me than the others (his other friends that are girls). Like when he talks with me, his voice is a lot calmer, softer, he looks at me (not only in the eyes) while we talk, smiles a lot, and once even blushed a bit, looked away and then back in my eyes again, a bit nervously maybe because I just kept smiling back at him. He even hugs me every day. Compliments me a lot. This happens in a group, too.
So the problem and the thing I'm just so confused about is that when I now send him a text message, he simply just ignores it. I'm pretty sure he has seen and read the message because I saw him online, but didn't reply. Is he playing hard to get? At that time I found out that he was hanging out with his friend (a girl but they really are only just friends), though.
I think that maybe it's just that he is so shy? Because there obviously is something there. I just want to know your honest opinion, so please help ! Should I text him again, ask him about it or just leave it as it is and not say anything? He even told me that I can always come to talk to him (online)..
Guys: Do guys ever ignore girls they like? And if so, why? Please help asap!!
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