How would you feel seeing a girl play football (like legit football, with the guys)?

I hate that I've never seen a female football player on the high school teams. It's like those sports of only reserved for guys and that's that. I want to see the day when football becomes a sport for both guys AND the girls. Not lingerie football, which I think is disrespectful to women in general, not stupid ass flag football, not no tackle football, which I guess is flag football, but regular over-hyped football. How come a girl has to jump hoops and run obstacle courses just to play with the guys? I've seen strong girls try and get turned down just because they're girls at my schools (schools cause I've gone to a few). One girl, out of anger, barreled the weakest guy over ten times and said, "If I'm stronger than him, how come I can't play?" The coach casually said, "Because I have no time for periods." She actually ended up kicking him in the balls and told him to cry like the bitch he is, then promptly walked away.

So I'm not saying to respond with anger, but how come it's such a stigma now? How come a girl, who can prove she's more than capable, just get a damn helmet, a uniform, and go out with the guys? Shit, I've seen TWIGS of guys play football. I know they make outfits for women, cause these guys are skinny. I know they can accomodate a girl, it's not that bad! Why don't we just wipe away out pride and let girls play? Is it because she's a girl or is it because you don't wanna embarrass your male players by having her out there with them?
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I'm saying American football. And no, not a manly lesbian. Just a girl. Straight tomboy/feminine chick.
How would you feel seeing a girl play football (like legit football, with the guys)?
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