What do guys think of big/overweight girls?

can guys like a fat girl. okay lemme kick it to yall :) I am 20 years old, I'm overweight..not super fat like 300 lbs. but I am like raven simone's size before she gained a lot of weight (like say 1st season of that's so raven lol) I hear a lot that weight really matters and guys don't like fat girls, but a lot of guys flirt with me and pay attention to me and stuff so I'm wondering why that is.

when people say guys don't like fat girls..how fat is too fat to like?

and do you think there can be exceptions to the rule?

or am I being fooled and guys really don't like me they just think I would be an easy fat girl?

i am a little confused, should I lose some lbs. or am I okay?
What do guys think of big/overweight girls?
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