Can I grow taller?

i am 167 cm' or 5 foot 6 inches i'll be 18 in 2 weeks from now (26/11) .

my characteristics that might help..

i have always been small around my age people from junior school ( a little of it because November born and pushed in school early) im 48 kg's now and always been a little underweight (didn't like my mom's food :p )
when i hit 16 people said `u grew so much´ but basically they stopped growing i think i had a *growth spurt* of an inch or so that's it. i wanna be around 5'8".
people say i' attractive and i might have 10% body fat but not freaky muscle i kept myself back for a opportunity to grow tall but i play sports and good at every one i play
so help me with my childhood insecurity
i know it's really good but i just wanna be tall it's a thing that will never satisfy but 5 8" is good from girls perspective.
Can I grow taller?
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