Will ne my blog worth a read?

I'm a fat guy who is going to hit the gym and trying to start a fitness blog with some innovation. I'm going to try my hands on popular beliefs and tell whether it works or not. Will be my blog worth a read? If you were a viewer, what would be your expectations from my blog? Please tell me honestly. Should I start a YouTube channel based on this idea? Will ne my blog worth a read??


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  • my expectations from a person who is new and getting into fitness and making a blog would be about your fitness journey like how gym is going for you every day or weekly when you update your blog, the hardships you're going through, how you feel about it, trying to find answers to your questions for fitness and ask questions if needed, new things you've learned along the way, how you used what you learned and incorporated it into your workout routine and if it's working for you, and many other things that you can share and inspire other people that are new to fitness, and maybe even mention some funny/silly things you see people do at the gym to share some funny moments, because i've seen a lot of gym idiots that has no idea what they're doing at all no matter how many months have passed, they're still making the same dumb mistakes they made since day one and their egos are way too big to take advice from others.

    • Thanks for the great advice

    • oh and maybe write about which path you want to take once you have more fitness experience, like if you want to get into bodybuilding, powerlifting, calisthenics, crossfit and/or some other thing

    • Sure. Calisthenics is my favourite

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