Do I have a good exercise routine?

Are usually only exercise two or three times a week.
When I do I usually lift weights and run.
First I lift weights for 13 minutes.
2 minutes with 15 lbs (6.8kilograms) 2 minutes 20lbs (9.07kg) 2 minuets 25lbs (11.3kg) then back to 20lbs and 15lbs for 2 minutes each, And end with 30lbs (13.6kg).
Then after lifting weights I run for about an hour.
While running are usually alternate between 4 miles an hour and 8 miles and hour (6.44-12.86 kilometers) or I alternate between incline or non-inclined.
Then I go back to the weights and do the exact same thing I mentioned before.
So I usually work out for about an hour and a half and I take the supplements before I go.
Does this sound like a good workout routine?


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  • If I could suggest something to you, it would be: change your routine and focus it on bench press, deadlift, military press and squats, 4 or 5 times per week, good meals 2h before the workout, protein supplements (casein or whey) in the training or after that. Building core strenght is the best reason to go to the gym and this new routine would help you a lot.

    But I don't know your objective, maybe I can help with some advice.


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