Why do people think a high volume of reps in any exercise yeilds results?

i only do 15 reps of any exercise & not only has my short burst sprinting increased but also my jumping & strength has increased & there is carry over to the real world

i just do 15 reps of any exercise
I've never done more than that & don't intend too


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  • High amount of reps increases strength and increases muscle density over time, so someone that does lots of reps to gain strength can be stronger than someone with bigger arms than them.
    I did lots of reps for a long time Sets of 25 reps, then sets of 50 reps, and kept working my way up until I could do a set of 100 reps straight with a weight, then I increased it by 50 pounds and went back to 25 reps per set with that.
    I ended up a lot stronger than my friends that did few reps but with more weight. And the people doing less reps per set, but closer to their weight limit ended up stiff and slow (muscle bound) even though they weren't as strong.


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  • It all depends on what you're training for.
    If you do 15+ reps, you're moving into the endurance range. So High volume/rep training is great if you want to increase endurance.

  • Yeah, people think the more you do the stronger you get. But it's really just increasing endurance

  • Only 12 reps max, not going for endurance but strenght and 4 sets.


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