How long does it take to lose 10 pounds?

And does anyone have any tips lol? I gained 10 pounds in about 6 months. i’m at 120 rn and i’m 5’0, i’d like to get rid of that weight!! ty to anyone that answers!


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  • Search it up keto diet, it's not how much you eat but what type of food you eat.. a lot of commercialize food increase weight. Look it up.


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  • Do you do sports?

    • no but i have pe at school daily. i also walk and jog a lot on my free time.

    • That counts. You could try cutting down on sugar and grains and eating a bit more fats. And lots of greens, obviously. That may change your appetite. Just remember health is more important than weight or thinness or whatever.

  • Please don't strive to be a stick figure skeleton.

    • yeah i don’t like when people are like that lol. right now i have a slim and flat stomach with a big bust and thighs. i don’t want my weight to get worse tho so maybe like losing 5 pounds would help. I’m also going through puberty rn lol so I don't know

  • One month


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