Need ideas for pre and post workout foods?

What are the best ideas to eat before working out and meal ideas for post workout? on Sunday I have an sport even that starts at 10am and I want to have energy to last for 2 hours. At what time I need to eat?

Is it ok if after work out I eat hard boil egg or chocolate milk, or taht is better before the work out

During the workout shoudl I eat somethingto keep the energy up or jsut drink wáter?
I meant more like simple ideas u can find at home. i dont use supplements like bought in store such as whey or special shakes or proteinn bars


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  • The night befor the event you should eat pasta more then you usually would then the morning of the event you should eat high proteins. Eggs are good. That should do it for the befor race foods during the event. A granola bar would be fine and keep the water going. Through the event after the event just eat regularly as you usually do but keep hydrated. And good luck at your event.

    • I plan to eat past the nite before with some tuna, in the morning like 2 hrs before the even maybe some oatmeal and whole wheat toast with peanut butter (but I told PB could b e strong so I better skip it) and fruits. Minutes before the event maybe a granola bar and always keep drinking fluids and finally after work out I tend to eat one hard boiled egg (protein) or a chocolate milk. I Heard u have to consume something in the 30 minutes after your workout finish so I thought of a chocolate milk or the egg but not the 2 of them together,. What od u think? or what other ideas?

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    • Yeah thats right. You do that to give the muscle fopd to heal so you gain the results we al look for in any workout

    • I thankyou for the MHO. Let me know hoe you did during the competition

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  • Anything healthy with caffeine and carbs. The amount varies on the intensity of the workout. If you are going to take protein, make sure it's whey. I believe Whey Isolate Distributes to your body faster than whey concentrate. Giving you a boost of energy.

  • What type of sport event is this? Can you eat during the event? Bananas are good. Other fruits. There are sugars and other natural calories that your body can use as fuel.

  • Pre-workout - beetroot, due to it's nitric oxide content;

    Post - protein, whether that's whey, pea, hemp, beef...

    • Mine:
      Pre - Clif Bar Builder Bar - soy and beet syrup, sensible creatine/caffeine/BCAA/β alanine/α keto-glutarate shake,
      lots of water to bulk up plasma and tissue volume
      Post - whey protein/BCAA shake

      Similar to pre-workout for sex (minus caffeine, because anxiety and sex don’t mix) 🍆 💪

  • I have always heard that a banana is a good choice due to the potassium (K) boost that it provides, however am not sure otherwise...

  • 1h before if it’s a small meal 1:45 if it’s a big meal with lots of carbs and drink a coffee 30 minutes before

  • 1. pre work out, mostly just carbs, you can eat protein too if you like - which is marginally better... for example 1-2 eggs, 1 serving of oatmeal kinda thing, or just oatmeal, post workout is more important actually. Cheap and effective.. you can also eat nothing if you feel comfortable. Some people prefer it
    2. just water during the workout... you should feel energized. Have a cup of coffee before. That' the best pre workout 'supplement'
    3. At post workout you want a full meal. For instance, Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, you can throw in some steamed beans if you like too. And a can of sprite. Something with fast digesting carbs to spike you your insulin... this is the best time for that
    4. then just eat when you are hungry...

  • What type of workout?

    • 2 hours 30 minutes aerobics competition (choreography)

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    • Pretty good. In theory maybe replace peanut butter with something easier to digest.

    • such as instesd of peanut butter?

  • Protein mug cake that's what I take


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