Why are so many girls obsessed with their weight?

I understand wanting to look good, but scale numbers don't have much to do with aesthetics. The hottest girl I've ever dated weighed about 150 pounds, but she was crazy fit and practically lived in a bikini during warm weather. She was very fit and lifted weights, so she carried a ton of muscle. I've also been with girl who were 110 pounds and embarrassed to get naked. So the scale doesn't really tell the story.


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  • Because we live in a culture that constantly bombards women with messages about their body and it’s worth based on how we look. It’s *extremely* hard to break away from that even when you have good supportive messages in your life

    • I know, but you didn't read what I wrote. I get worrying over looks. Guys have to do it too. I'm saying that the scale doesn't have anything to do with how good your body looks. Really skinny girls don't look the best naked.

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    • Learn English.

    • I’ll be sure to pass that along to my SAT score XD

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