Did my father do the right thing?

So my whole life... I've always been fat, disgusting, and overweight. And pretty damn pitiful.

I've always been really sensitive, hated exercise and veggies, and gotten depressed over very small things... and eating always made me happier. My dad has always been against how much I ate, but my mom, aunt, and grandma always encouraged it, as they just wanted to me to be happy, and eating made me happy. They didn't even force me to eat veggies or anything, they just let me eat all I wanted.

They did tell me I should at least exercise so I'm not THAT unhealthy, but even then, if I really hate exercise that much, then don't even bother.

As a result... now I'm 23 years old, single, living all alone, I'm 5'11, and weigh a solid 432 pounds... and I only get fatter every week. I make decent money, but my physical state is just a mess.

However, fairly recently, my dad visited me in the first time ever in like 4-5 years, and outright said, "Look at you, son! You're absolutely disgusting! The amount of food you eat... how you can't even run for 10 seconds without getting out of breath... the way you look... just how did you get so damn fat like this? I should've never let your female family members be in charge of what you eat like that! They just let you eat all the junk you want, and however much you want! Well now that all changes! You're an independent man, but I'm gonna try to help you! From this day forward, let's get you exercising and running, eating vegetables, and just overall eating less in general!"

And so my dad did just that... and he was with me almost the whole time... at the gym, on the threadmill, I couldn't handle longer than 5 minutes, and broke down into tears... I couldn't eat vegetables, as they were too disgusting and I cried...

After a couple days of this, my dad finally concluded, "Son... just be yourself, and do as you please. Forget about all this healthy & fit shit. Better be happy & unhealthy, than unhappy but healthy."

And left.
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Did my father do the right thing?
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