Exercising and dieting is hard at the same time?

Honestly, I find it easy for me to diet solo and exercise solo at the same time, because back then at first I didn’t have any exercise equipment back then because I don’t know where to get any and couldn’t afford it. Also, I wouldn’t even eat any healthy foods my Mom bought me, so instead I’d waste money on junk food once per week and restaurant foods daily. Plus, the healthy foods would get spoiled and I’d waste my Mom’s money by not eating it. Also, when I lose weight before the week is almost over. I’d buy some junk food and gain back the amount of weight I lost because I ate some unhealthy foods before the week was over when I had lost some weight. What healthy foods should I eat after exercising to shed a few lbs when I lose weight?
Also, for me it’s easy for me to get some exercise outside during summer without any workout equipment and workout dvds than it is during Spring, Fall, and Winter because of the coldest seasons and without any workout equipment/dvds.


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  • let's get two things straight.

    1. you can't lose weight and gain muscle by not eating.
    2. you can't lose weight and stay healthy without eating.

    now, i have to ask... why aren't you eating after workouts? routines must be broken in order to get different results.

    if i were you... i would eat what you want but train harder. you can't lose weight unless you burn more calories than you take in. calorie counting will drive you nuts! don't do it. make and tweet the changes your body can handle. you will learn that from how your body responds to your desired goals.

    • What do you mean the routines have to be broken in order for me to get different results?

    • a. k. a. changing diets., schedules of any sort really...

      i want you to be honest with yourself. if you want to make gains, then eat whatever you want! that same mentality applies the other way... it you want to eat whatever you want, then workout like a boss to work it off!

    • Okay, so basically I can eat anything on my diet and work it off. Ty.

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