What could this be? Please answer?

I have lot's of white hairs that are very thin on my chest.
and more darker hairs near the nip... they are longer. but few.
could it be PCOS?


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  • Don't worry about those hairs at all. My wife had a few around her's when we got married about 10 years ago. She was never worried... I didn't care, because it never mattered when we intimate. Those hairs are all gone now, we have two kids together. She used to breast feed them. They look different than before, but I am still in love with the pair! So yea, no need to worry about those hair at all, as long as you find someone who loves you.


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  • Its more than having chest hair. It's having facial hair especially under the chin. Another thing is being overweight or obese. Acne and menstrual irregularity. Now if you have all of these symptoms then you might want to see an endocrinologist to properly diagnose.


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  • if you have dark hair growth around your arms back and legs then it could be nothing. i think if it concerns you, you should make an appt. with your doctor.

  • No... it's hair


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