Are big pharmaceutical companies and tobacco companies afraid of vaping?

After 10 years of hard smoking I switched over completely to vaping. Everything change after the first month and I have never felt this good, healthy and pain free in quite awhile. I am not taking any cough syrup or any migraine or cold medication in the past three months as it was a regular thing for me. The Doc says although there are signs of blacken lungs I would be okay as long as I stay away from tobacco smoking. He also noted my Uric Acid had dropped considerable compared to my last blood work. I keep up to date with the research to see what dangers are associated with vaping but it appears the FDA is hell bent on shutting down vaping regardless of pending research. The latest was that there is a spike in children abusing it therefore vaping must be curbed. There are the conspiracy theories out there but it remains as is... a conspiracy. Yet, do you think it's possible the FDA, Tobacco Companies and Big Pharma are in bed together to keep the profits of tobacco and medical treatment high?


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