Should I be worried about my broken tooth?

So my teeth and brushing have been alright lately but yesterday I was eating a sandwich and I suddenly saw a piece of tooth in there. I think It was the part with the dental filling cuz I saw some metal but I poked around and there still seems to be s little bit of tooth still in place on the back end and I think the base is still their in the gum too. I'm scheduling a dental appointment either way but is that just a filling getting worn and loose or was it the tooth that was the problem? The filling as least a couple years old. I'm just a little nervous about the tooth still being in there somewhat and if it would be a problem with getting another filling on top of it
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Also I should add I DID feel a tug whenever I chewed sometimes only where a filling would go but the tooth itself was not loose so before I would push the tooth back up gently and it would stop
Should I be worried about my broken tooth?
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