How do I stop using the JUUL?

I know that question is dumb to ask, and I don’t want to hear “it’s your fault for even starting it”. I know my mistake. I’m just so tired of using it and spending my money on it. I know I’m addicted. I’ve never smoked cigarettes in my life. I did it bc I was bored and I said “why not?” I wasn’t peer pressured and I didn’t want to look cool. I was curious about it, but now I just do it to do it and bc of addiction. I’ve tried stopping but it’s around me so much bc literally the majority of my friends have one. I don’t even get a buzz. I go through a pack a week and it’s so annoying. Would it be easier to just throw it away? Any ideas with healthy alternatives to distract myself?
How do I stop using the JUUL?
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