Is it weird to donate money to a patient because they're really hot?

She recently passed of a stroke after her Gofundme met it's goal and then some. I donated because it's the right thing to do but also look at her. You usually don't think 'hot' when you see a sick person but yeah.

R. I. P Claire

~Mr Bailey
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The surgery goes like this. You get your chest opened, ribs cracked and then have your lungs replaced. It's not even a sure fix. It happens & I'm sad she had to go. So many ugly people get to live 'till 100.
This was her last video ever


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  • Not exacly a secret that attractive people get treated different. Especially women, i think guys just have this instinct to throw resources and try to take care of women they find attractive. Instagram "models" make millions of other people wanting to look at their pics. You think that happens if the average guy down the street does the same?


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  • No, it's not normal, sorry to break that out to you.
    I don't think you are trolling.
    Have you tried talking about this with someone apart from us? Your parents, a friend or maybe a therapist?

    • I'm my own therapist. This is just my opinion. I should seek help for my opinions?

    • If those opinions aren't going to hurt yourself or someone else, then that's good.
      But I feel that keeping everything inside of you won't be good for you.

  • it is odd and a rather heartless if you wouldn't do something good for someone because you didn't find them attractive

  • I've heard of worse reasons to donate money to a patient, but it's your money. What stands out to me is how much emphasis you put on looks; in your mind,, the problem isn't that you thought this dying woman was "hot", the problem is that there are ugly people that didn't die in her place.

    It's a cliche to say that "beauty is skin deep, but ugliness runs to the core", but in this case, that is definitely true. I don't know if you are conventionally attractive or not, and quite frankly I don't care either way, but one thing is for certain: unless this is just a "vent" post and you don't actually believe what you have written, you are uglier than any cancer or disease ever could be.

    "Is it weird to donate money to a patient because they're really hot?" In the sense that you are supposed to spend you money in a certain way, according to social dictates? No. In the sense that the way you spent your money communicates something about your character. Oh, without a doubt.

  • I'd rather have it that people with this kind of mentality don't live till 100

  • Yes dude, there is an entire thot culture that feeds on guys like you.

  • Yes.

    You're a strange individual.

  • If they need the money them yes help them out

  • very strange


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