Does anyone have any advice on how to get over the fear of doing handstands?

So I've focused a lot on flexibility this year and I want to learn a handstand so I can do handstand splits and all, but the last time I tried learning one, I ended up smashing my head into a wall when coming down and now I have a mental block on them. Anyone have any advice on how to get over this, and what helped you learn to do one?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Try doing it on a mattress
    Try doing it on a mattress against the wall
    Try to do it slowly, instead of going straight into the hand stand
    Try doing it lifting it one foot at a time.
    Try doing it while on headstand, then try lifting yourself up and keep in balance

  • If you have fear of the "upside-down feeling" you can train by hanging off of a pole like those in childrens playgrounds


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