Girls, did you ever get stretch marks on your breasts around 15-16? and what age did they disappear or fade for you?

im just wondering at what age I can expect the stretch marks on my breasts to fade... right now im 16, and I've had stretch marks on my breasts for I'd say 2.5 years now. for those of you that had stretch marks on your breasts, when did they go away for you?


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  • Stretch marks never disappear

    • She means that hers are still red. When strechmarks are fresh, they are red and obvious, after some time the become light and blend in with the skin

    • But It is still here

    • Yeah, sure

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  • Yeah i have strech marks
    Uhm.. I dont remember how long it took until they faded.. Usually it takes several months up to a year.
    Maybe your boobs keep on growing and the strechmarks keep on streching? Maybe thats why they didn't fade.
    Anyway, they will never disappear, just become light. Anyway, use lotion or oil, when theyre still red, you can actually still minimize them! Dont waste that chance


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  • Who said they go?

    • everyone have their stretch marks. They never gone.

    • by "go" I meant fade, and yes they do fade eventually, maybe not completely but they do fade a considerable amount

    • well your boobs gonna grow hopefully till 18-19 you should wait and your butt maybe thighs might also get these stretched marks.
      You can use bio. oil to fade them a bit.

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  • Are you big busted? I'm a 34D and don't have any stretch marks. Maybe it is hereditary? But I always wear a bra too so I don't know if that helped too.

  • I don't know exactly when they were gone but now at 22 I don't have them anymore

    • You mean... They faded, right? Not completely gone

    • Yes they faded. Thry are barely noticeable now

    • Ah, god, okay
      Hmm i still can see and feel them. Im so pale and theyre even a shade or two paler, so they kind of glimmer hah...

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