Should I be pissed off at vaccine scaremongers or humanity's fragility to diseases?

Lately I've been feeling this severe dislike towards anti-vaxers, especially the ones who are in power in government and scaremongering about vaccination. There's one in my country, fucking bitch!.. It's a near hatred feeling. Measles outbreak spreaded fast..

Diseases are natural, a natural control mechanism of population of biological beings in this world... Fair enough, thats life. I hate the fact the most vulnerable here are kids. So it's extra saddening.
  • Be pissed off at anti vaccine peeps
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  • Be Pissed off at life
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  • Neither.
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  • Why not be pissed off at the scaremongers who create fear about disease, I mean they the ones trying to play god. The diseases are just doing what diseases do. 🤷‍♀️


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