</3 Which of these would you RATHER have?

I AM aware that these are all horrible conditions but I am just here to ask, if you got any of these, which would you rather get?

I would rather have none but if I had to choose, I would go for inability to walk, it doesn't say you can't use you're arms or anything, you could still use a wheelchair and yeah :/

But I can't stress enough how all of these are horrible conditions that I would not wish upon anyone <3
  • Deafness
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  • Blindness
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  • Inability to walk
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  • Inability to speak
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  • Inability to taste
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  • Inability to smell
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  • Something different
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Most Helpful Girls

  • I wouldn't mind deafness too badly. It would make driving a bit difficult but along with the rest of aspects of life I'd just have to be more aware and careful. If I lost my hearing now I would still be able to talk, and it might be easier learning how to to read lips. I don't mind losing music much. Besides, deaf people have been able to make music before.

  • Inability to smell. Yeah, it'd be really annoying, but I also live with a lot of animals so not smelling them would be nice.

    • 6d

      That's nice, I guess, if you were born not smelling it wouldn't phase you but if you lived with so many smells and one day they are all gone it may be upsetting :/

    • 6d

      For sure, it'd be awful now that I think about it, but I need to be able to walk, hear, see, etc, for the majority of my daily activities/hobbies.

    • 6d

      Very true ^_^

Most Helpful Guys

  • Since my grandfather's suffered from it since before I was born, I've always known it could potentially be a congenital condition I'll suffer from some day too, and I've never had a decent sense of smell anyway, I'd much rather have that than any of the others.

    • 6d

      I guess it is the least. . . suffering issue there? To not smell seems like the least painful ^_^

    • 6d

      And because it's not really a big deal either. If you can still taste, you can still pick up stronger scents on your tongue anyway. And there's also the added bonus factor, that most places, people, and things, smell disgusting. When you live less than a km away from a sewage works, and work as a cleaner in a school nursery, the inability to smell can seem like more or a blessing than a curse...

    • 6d

      But what if you had a gas leak?

  • I would choose inability to speak. I do not enough engaging in verbal interactions as it is. If I were incapable then people would no longer expect me to, and I could just write things down instead. I could also learn ASL if I needed to.

    • 5d

      True, not speaking in general I guess it would not make you miss the loss of speech :) And yes, sign language and typing are available :)

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