Rowing machines?

To start off, I'm a fat arse but yesterday started my work towards getting in shape seriously with going to my local gym. Started at 8am and got their and started with the rowing machine, I stayed on there for about an hour and was a pile of sweat. I wiped down the machine because of common decency but was curious about the areas on the body it burns fat off, like I hope it's burning off some of my arse fat aswell as my stomach etc. If so what other bits of equipment would people suggest to use.


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  • So let me clear this up. You lose body fat around your body equally, you can't "spot reduce" areas of your body, such as stomach, or back or whatever.

    Having a larger muscle base means you can lose less fat to be leaner and to seem in better shape.

    I definitely wouldn't recommend an hour on the rower. Straight conditioning isn't effective for weight loss.

    The more muscle you have, the stonger your joints, ligaments and bones get. The more muscle you have the more energy your body burns just by being alive.

    Do 45 mins of weights, then 15 mins of rower or whatever machine you'd like to get better results. I promise you weights are your best bet to weight loss, apart from nutrition.

    For weights recommendations, i'd say start at 3-4x per week, and focus on compound movements.

    For Legs;
    Hip thrusts
    Sled push/pull
    Leg press

    Pull ups
    Barbell rows
    Rack pulls

    Bench press (barbell/dumbell)

    Military press
    Lateral raise
    Cable facepulls

    Bicep curls
    Tricep extensions

    If I could choose 5 compound movements to do in the gym every-time to get the best results i'd choose.

    1. Deadlifts
    2. Squats
    3. Bench Press
    4. Barbell Row
    5. Military Press

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      Nah I get that I mean it was just my first day going and I'd never used a rowing machine before but I do want to do more weight lifting. But it's trying to build up some sort of base level fitness so doing weights isn't taking up space when somone else could be using them.

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      Best answer. Hey, if you’re paying for the gym you’re just as entitled to the weights as anyone else. So don’t think that you’d be taking up space, you’re there to work out just like they are. Do both. Like Buckzor said, building up that muscle is what actually helps you start to consume calories more than before. If you really want to stick to cardio that much you can do his split the other way, 45 min cardio but WITH RESISTANCE. So inclined on the treadmill or faster on the stepper and then weights.. but again would still recommend his original sets breakout.

  • Targeting specific areas for muscle gain is easier than trying to just loose the fat. It's way easier to convert to muscle.

  • They still have rowing machines. I thought them died out in the 1950s.

  • do HIIT on a treadmill

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      High interval intensity training?

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      Is that the like 20 minutes of a casual jog then 5 of sprinting or is it flipped?

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      pretty much, you can divide the intervals however you want but so long as you get your heart rate past a certain point thats most important

  • A simple jump rope that you can use at home


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