How to tone legs and butt? Any tips?


Hi. I would really like to get my legs/thighs/butt toned out, because I'm starting to notice my butt is kind of sagging. I haven't been exercising much because it's been cold out, but now that it's starting to get warm out, i'd like to start again and get

Any tips?

Some probably pointless details:

I have a set of stairs in my backyard leading to the woods, which is about 8 stairs. If i run up and down them for 30 minutes every day, will this help? How long would I have to do it before I start seeing results?

I eat healthy, barely any junk food.

I'm 5'4, around 132 pounds. Flat stomach, round butt, bigger thighs.

How can I tone my lower body fast?
How to tone legs and butt? Any tips?
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