Why do people automatically assume that when they see an "overweight" person, they aren't healthy?

I'm overweight, I'm not afraid to admit it, am I ashamed for letting myself get this way? Yes, I am. And I'm changing it. But I've seen multiple people like me who are overweight but aren't unhealthy.
I've seen so many comments, specially about Ashley Graham, that are just so ignorant. But about other "overweight" people as well. I understand that for a model, yes she's a big person, but she's human, just like everyone else, so her weights gonna fluctuate. Stop body shaming her for being confident in what she has. I bet half of you who judge her wouldn't be comfortable showing up naked. I know I wouldn't.
So what if she's over 200 pounds? That doesn't mean anything. A lot of Olympic athlete woman, specifically track and field throwers, are over 200 pounds and they're OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALISTS!
Being a chubby my whole life, I never had models to look up to. Because they were always 00 size and looked sickly and no one criticized them and now we have plus size models, for the stores like Torrid and Maurice's, and Lane Bryant, to cater to the demographic of women who happen to be larger. But yet, they're body shamed for being too big. It's ridiculous, if you're confident in your body, I say great. People who judge others for being overweight need a reality check. The average size for an American Woman is a 12-14, and now in "plus size" specific stores they're saying a size 10 is plus size. Which blows my mind. It also has to do with how designers are making clothes too, that's another part of it. You may wear a 12 in one pant and a 14 in another. Also, instead of using the time to bash someone for leading a different lifestyle or bash someone for not being "healthy", you could be using that time to say positive things, or to encourage a healthier lifestyle. But if someone is confident and happy with their body, you shouldn't judge them, or criticize them.
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I probably should have said this sooner but I'm NOT promoting being overweight or underweight as healthy lifestyle choices.
Why do people automatically assume that when they see an "overweight" person, they aren't healthy?
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