Do you have Bipolar? *Advice*?

I’ve been suffering with symptoms of bipolar,
The chronic happiness
The crippling depression
Being hyper at one moment, then completely changing to a raging bull in a instant.
Sometimes I can’t even control the anger, I literally explode I even scare myself sometimes.
(I don’t realise the scare until I remember what I’ve done the next day, everyday since then the memory creeps up and it always put me into a spiral of depression and anger)
I’ve tried counting, meditation, and herbals to keep me calm but I just can’t.
I noticed the signs more after my beloved pet getting run over, not sure if it’s just PTSD but a lot of my friends have seen this change in me and saying it’s more Bipolar than PTSD.

If anyone has Bipolar, what’s the medication like? Does it completely numb you to the point you don’t know who you are anymore, or does the medication actually help?
Do you have Bipolar? *Advice*?
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