Body Positivity Opinions?

This is a safe space, but if you’d like to comment anonymously, be my guest.

I’ll explain a bit, what I mean by safe space. I mean respectfully express your opinion on body positivity. Not to just protect my sensitive ass self, but to protect others that may be reading this. Also because calling someone a fat pig or telling someone to eat a sandwich is flat out rude, and not necessary!

My opinion?

I am a fat girl, luckily I’ve been lucky enough to never get called fat to my face, mostly because I’m so shy and reserved in school most people think the only thing that’ll happen is I’ll tell the school, and they’ll get in trouble for being a mean asshat. But, in fact they are only partially right! Just because I’m shy doesn’t mean I won’t protect my feelings if you say rude things to my face. But.. if you say it behind my back, or when you think I didn’t hear that, I just won’t give you the time of day. But.. that’s besides the point.. a idiot in my gym class last school year said I was 300lbs, just so you know I’ve never weighed over 256, I weighed 256 that day, it was June my sophomore year.. I was hurt, I didn’t cry over it.
this person was the person to act like he’s nice to the shy kids, but then spread rumours and be a asshole when he thinks they aren’t looking or hearing. Anyways... I need to get to my opinion already!
I love body positivity, to a extent.. I do not believe being overweight at all is healthy, HEALTHY! I don’t think overweight or obese people are ugly, they aren’t! We aren’t! But.. I hate how people assume that because beauty standards are changing it’s ok to weigh what I did in June this year.. unless your 6’4’, it’s not!
Also, if you wanna know, I weight about 227 now, I know some people that aren’t my size don’t see that as a big achievement.. I do.. although mine wasn’t due to working out, I just kinda stopped eating as much (I say that in moderation)

Anyways, I just wanna see some opinions! Like do you agree with me?
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Body Positivity Opinions?
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