Why does my stomach hurt when I drink or eat?

I know you’re not doctors, but someone may of experienced the same thing I’m having right now.

It’s only just started recently the pain again, I’ve had this pain before but at the age of 16 and suicidal I didn’t care about the pains, I just ignored it and never spoke about it as it was just sudden pains then they disappeared, also the pains never happened when I ate or drink at that time.

Recently it’s every time I eat or drink now, it doesn’t matter what i eat or drink I’m still in a lot of pain. I’ve circled the area where it hurts, it feels like someone’s squeezing/pulling my insides. When the pain comes it causes me to seize up, I haven’t had these for a very long time as they disappeared and I didn’t really take notice to the pains, when walking I still seize up and I’m unable to walk for a minute or two I just stand there like a statue. Has anyone else experienced this, or may know what it sounds like I’m at my wits end about this.

(Drawing of the circle doesn’t really do justice where the pain is, it’s literally about 2/3cm under my belly button)

*I have got a hospital appointment, but it’s on the 24th of this month*
Also when I mean drink I mean non alcoholic drinks.
Why does my stomach hurt when I drink or eat?
Why does my stomach hurt when I drink or eat?
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