Popping back and hip joints for relief?

I do a lot of stretching before, in-between and after my workouts. I used to do martial art classes before and there I had a strict teacher who would force me to do a full split by pushing my shoulders down and also she would make me stand straight against the wall and lift one leg up and push it so my feet touch my forehead... It was a pain. But it's been a few years since I don't do martial art classes anymore and I started lifting weights, but even though I've significantly lost my flexibility overtime because of not getting that practice anymore, I still try to retain some of it by stretching a lot when exercising. I feel terrible if I don't stretch regularly.

Anyway, I've been recently feeling this strong need to pop my upper back and hips, I literally do every back and hip stretches that I can think of, Google search for some more, yet I don't really get there and I'm still left with that uncomfortable feeling that I get when walking or moving my arms. I make my 5yo niece step on my back, it helps only a little, massaging my back with a tennis ball also helps me feel relaxed. Yet I have no idea how to really crack the joints by myself safely... Or do I need a professional? Am I stretching too much? I don't know man I feel like once I can pop these joints I'll finally feel good.
Popping back and hip joints for relief?
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