I asked for a scan because I can't stand the pain but now I'm stressing about the radiation?

I've been suffering on and off since 2012 when I had my gall bladder out. Eating has been difficult. I never got the diarrhea that most people get. I got slow mobility. I had a upper and lower GI scope in 2013 and the doctor found nothing wrong.

In March of this year another doctor went in because I just could stand the eating pain I was having and he found a small precancerous polyp, my stomach lining was mildly deteriorating, I had a thick ring at the end of my esophagus and a small hiatal hernia as well as some other minor things. Supposedly nothing that could be causing these issues.

I don't get much sleep because I have stomach pains in the middle of the night. I took a break dealing with my health problems because it was too exhausting getting told you need to go to another doctor I can't do anything for you. Your problem is this but the next doctor said no this isn't your problem.

Anyway I pushed to have the scans done because I'm tired of being tired and in pain then I just checked and the one test I'm having today has a lot of radiation. I'm in a big panic and what if nothing comes of it and I've radiated myself in the amount of a huge amount of chest xrays.

But not knowing and not being able to eat like a normal human is getting me down. I guess I just want so reassurance that I need to do this. I eat healthy , etc and that doesn't help my situation. Plus I just want to sleep more than 5 hours a night.
I asked for a scan because I cant stand the pain but now Im stressing about the radiation?
8 mo
thanks for the feedback. I sucked down my first barium bottle and managed some how to keep it down. I'm heading out and then have to drink another bottle. If I have time while I wait for the test I'll check for more answers. thank you. I have had some radiation before due to things like a car crash, etc.
8 mo
Thank you everyone. On the first test today the person administering the ctscan told me she didn't see anything that needed any immediate attention or something like that or she wouldn't have let me go home. So I guess I'm pretty much clear on any horrible things but we will see. Thursday I do a swallow test and see if everything goes down right. Thanks.
8 mo
Good thing I had the scans. I do have a mildly fatty liver and with the swallow test the tablet got stuck on my esophagus ring so next week I'm having surgery to open the ring. I, also, have a small umbilical hernia. I'm thinking that is from when the surgeon had to cut down from my belly button down when my appendix ruptured. Now I know to be diligent about my food intake on the fatty liver part even though I eat pretty clean. Found I have sleep apnea too.. I just moved from a moldy apartment
I asked for a scan because I can't stand the pain but now I'm stressing about the radiation?
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