How do I lose fat on my lower back?

Hi everyone, I am 18 and I have this terrible amount of lower back fat. I am in good shape over all, but when I drop something on the floor, sit on a seat, I feel very insecure and I feel people see that I have lower back fat. I really feel disgusted when I see some of my friends having a toned back. Sometimes I am scared that a girl from my back might just hug me on my stomach (friendly gesture) and she might feel that fat. I understand that fat cannot be lost from a specific place.

I was in 11th, when I never went down to my gym, and became quite fat. Now I have become thinner but I am not able to lose this back fat. Can you tell me how to lose this back fat or how to decrease the amount of fat in my body?
How do I lose fat on my lower back?
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