Do you care about physical strength?

A year ago, I went from 150 pounds to 100 pounds. I got really flexible and then from that I started getting strong and building muscle. Yesterday after work i just sat down criss cross applesauce and lifted my body up with my hands. It made me realize how strong I have become.
From this, I was curious. Does anyone else care about how physically strong they are? I know that before I lost the weight, I was oblivious to the potential my body had.
I know most men build muscle because of the attention from the ladies, but does anyone ever do it for the satisfaction of being powerful within yourself?
At work I do a lot of lifting because my coworkers don't feel like it and it made me see that our minds and bodies connect, and if we can see our strength, we can become strong.
What are your thoughts on all this? I just want to hear what you think about it personally.
Also, I am no longer 100 pounds, I think I gained 15-25 pounds in muscle, but I haven't weighed myself.
Do you care about physical strength?
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