Should Birth Control be free or at least cheaper?

Recently, I applied to the PillClub which used to take my insurance and it was basically free. However, my insurance recently dropped and the price went from zero to fifteen dollars for a three month supply. It isn't much but I could still do that, remember I'm a 17 year old using it to help with my acne and to skip my period so I'm NOT a hormonal mess. I just got notified they're jumping the price of Isibloom, the one I take, to 40 dollars and no where does it state monthly or trimonthly. Honestly, at the 15 dollar rate it would already costing me 60 dollars a year and now it could cost 160 to 480 depending on the plan and this is still offered at below the market price. So, I guess my question is, should it be free or cheaper to get birth control? I feel lower income women really need cheaper in order to avoid having too many children than they can take care of and for women to be able to alleviate some of the problems periods bring.
Yes, it should be free.
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Yes, but only cheaper - not free.
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Eh, it should depend on the income of the person.
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No, it should stay the same.
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Should Birth Control be free or at least cheaper?
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