Starting strength, Stronglifts 5x5 or another program?

so i'm getting into weight training, I am a skinny weak dude, and I have started training for about 2 months and i'm now used to all the main compound lifts and can do a lot of isolation movements too.

for the last 2 months I did a simple push pull leg routine. I got some gains, but I have been doing some research and have heard that other full-body type strength programs would allow me to get stronger faster.
any opinions or input?

since I started my bench went up from around 90 pounds to 125 pounds, my deadlift went up from 130ish to 180 pounds, and my standing overhead press went from 50ish to 77 pounds.
im also able to do a pullup now and isolation movement weight has also increased a bit. my squat improved too but is still poverty and not worth mentioning ( likely haven't mastered technique yet).

as you can see im pretty much still a noob. i'd like to start farming my noob gains as much as I can, and am gonna switch to starting strength or stronglifts 5x5, or another program and am interested in opinions.
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ok to the lame dude who blocked me, go sell your supplements elsewhere. i'm taking the opinions of real experienced lifters over some random person that doesn't even have videos of himself lifting.

-diet is the most important thing. the only other possible thing is steroids, which im not taking.
I will put up the youtube links after I have enough xper.
Starting strength, Stronglifts 5x5 or another program?
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