Is it possible that I has Asperger's when I was a kid?

This is just a theory of mine since I have never had a formal diagnosis but I have been thinking about this as of late. When I was kid and even until my 20's:

1. I was very introverted and did not socialize easily with most kids
2. I had to be dragged to social events.
3. I was painful shy around women as a teen and even after college.
4. I am often bothered by music that is too loud or noise that disrupts a quiet environment.
5. I tend to be distant with people. At times when I am with people it is like they are 2D in a way. Like I am disconnected from it all.
6. Only recently have I been able to "read" people. When I was younger I could not really get people's emotions. It was also bad when dealing with the opposite sex. In retrospect I had to have someone tell me that their female friend was into me and that they had been flirting for months.
7. I used to have a tendency to take everything literally.
8. I wold spend inordinate amounts of time daydreaming ( I still do today but not as much as when I was a kid)
9. I was a voracious reader when I was young.

There it is. Like I said it is just a theory but who knows. I always wondered why I was a weird kid.
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Is it possible that I has Asperger's when I was a kid?
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