Why do men's mental health issues get pushed to the side?

Yes I know some people will be like "YoUr OnLy 15 YoU dOn'T kNoW aBoUt MeNtAl iLlNeSs!!!1!" And to that I say, why are you arguing agaist a 15yr old who has mental illness themselves, and have seen first hand men get turned away by psychologists or flat out left behind in society because "Men have to be as swift as a coursing river" and have no emotions.

Because many teenage boys suffer through mental illness and can't do anything about it because the "real man" stereotype is very much alive and well, and because of this men are some how believed to not have any emotions or not to show them. When a man is diagnosed with mental illness, they seem to be pushed aside unless a suicide attempt is made, in which case it's too late. It's happened to me and many other of my friends, and I wish it never did.

When a man needs to cry or show any emotion other than love, he is seen as weak and can and quite possibly will get bullied for it. They are pushed to the breaking point and very very few people will reach out to help them. But some don't ever get help.

No, I don't have sources other than mine and my friends experiences, and if you don't want to believe me go right ahead. I am sorry if I offended you but I am sick and tired of men being pushed to the side for mental help.
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I am glad some people have explained what my 3am toilet rant actually means. I haven't been in the best state mentally for weeks, so again if this offends you I'm sorry but this is what I find is the case.
Why do men's mental health issues get pushed to the side?
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