How do I get prescribed more Xanax?

Hi, I'm an incredibly anxious 22 year old girl who is looking to up my Xanax dose. I just was prescribed.5 mg xans for emergency. Only 10 a month. I have lost my job due to social anxiety and so I had gone in and asked for a Xanax script. I have been taking one a day and I only have 2 left now. It says no refills, my doc told me to come back in a month. I'm positive I need a regular Xanax schedule such as one everyday to keep me functioning as a normal human. Otherwise my brain gets all screwy and I start obsessive thoughts and have panic attacks or mood swings. I don't know if I can tell my doc I took them more often than she asked me to. I don't want her to not prescribe to me again. But I really need dosage uppage. I've never been a benzo user so this isn't a drug problem. It's truly an anxiety problem. What should I do?
How do I get prescribed more Xanax?
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