I don’t stink if I don’t shower for weeks?

So the boyfriend and myself did an experiment to see why some people stink like total and utter shit. We decided we won’t shower for two weeks straight or use any deo. We realised we don’t get “morning breath” as in our breath smells neutral in the morning - no odour. After two weeks we didn’t stink but our clothes smelled damp because we used the same clothes and we were sweating so the water dried up and smelled a bit damp but there was no smell on the sweat and no stink on our bodies. His armpits didn’t smell but mine smelled like capcicum after two weeks. Strange but I probably get it from my dad. We also did no.2 with the doors open and again there was no odour. His poop doesn’t smell and neither does mine. Occasionally mine smells like marijuana but I don’t even smoke it.

Do you smell if you don’t shower?

ps this was just an experiment and we are normally very clean people who shower everyday and brush and floss at least twice a day.
I don’t stink if I don’t shower for weeks?
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