What's cheaper for you, take out or home-cooked?

Factor in the time spent grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning compared to time ordering and eating with takeout.

I love Vietnamese take out. Chicken Pho and Chicken Rice Plates are my go to meals, along with chicken fried rice and chicken curry rice.

One takeout meal is roughly $10/meal.

At a grocery store chicken breasts are about $8/pound. Well, say you want 4 - 5 chicken breasts per day.

One bowl of Chicken Pho contains about 2 - 3 chicken breasts.

One plate of rice and chicken contains about 4 chicken thighs.

One plate of chicken fried rice has about 3 - 5 chicken thighs.

And chicken curry has about 2 chicken breasts.

1lb of chicken contains about 4 chicken breasts. So, $8 = 4 breasts so $16 = 8 breasts bought, eating 5 is $10. (2$ per breast).

At takeout one bowl of Pho and a Rice plate is about 20$ and provides the equivalent of about 5 chicken breasts.

Cooling chicken takes about 15-45min on a pan. And requires cookware and a stove.

Eating all the above takes about 2 hours.

Cleaning after cooking takes about 10-30min.

Time for homecooked meals: 2hours + 30min (cleaning) + 45min (cooking) + 20 min (shopping) = 3 hours and 45 min. Total cost $10.

Time for takeout: ordering 15 min + waiting for order 35min + eating 2 hours = 2 hours and 50 min. Total cost $20.

If you make $15/hour, then total cost with time difference is [$15*(3.45 hours) = 51.75$ ] - [$15*(2.50 hours) = $37.50] = $14.75 extra cost in time for home cooked meals.

And that comes out to be $10 + $14.75 = $24.75 for home-cooked vs $20 for takeout.

Add it tax and tip and takeout is also about $24.

What does this mean? Well takeout is actually more cost effective when factoring in opportunity cost.

This difference only grows larger the more money you make. 🤷🏻‍♂️
What's cheaper for you, take out or home-cooked?
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