I eat much less now, is that normal?

From ages 12-26, I used to overeat. I could beat my father, chubby friend and any of my male relatives easily in the servings. I used to recover very fast and was never overweight. However, that came to a stop twice.

1st warning:
Way back in 2013, I overate at a buffet and unlike all the other times; I vomited and this time felt sick for the whole night. I still had a good appetite but sometimes couldn't finish large plates served at restaurant, meanwhile my father was done with his plate all the times. I had to take it home.

2nd time: last March of 2019, I had a stomach surgery. It had a 4-5 inch benign tumor (causing massive internal bleedings), probably caused by years of overloading my stomach too much that it got inflammed.

Present-day at age 32: I feel full faster and can't even drink from an average-large soup bowl. I have to get a smaller one. I can't beat anyone by now, lol. Is this normal? I still get hungry in my regular time but eat a lot less; probably slightly less than even my mother (and she doesn't eat too much either) now.
6 mo
The only exception was this New Year's Eve. Strangely I ate more than usual (it was basically my feeling of being overly happy about the new year that I got anxious) but felt sick the next day.
I eat much less now, is that normal?
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