Why am I not getting slimmer?

I've been working out 3x or sometimes 4x a week 15 minutes HIIT workout and then half an hour of intense kickboxing. I've been doing it for the past 3 months. I have gotten slightly slimmer and look less flabby. My stomach is more flat but I haven't even lost a dress size. My stomach is still not completely flat. In fact there is still a bulge but when I press down on it, my abdominal muscles feel very hard and strong. I can even kind of see my abdominal muscles poking out. The size of my calves aren't getting any slimmer. I feel like I'm building a lot of muscle but I'm not getting slimmer. In fact, I have gained weight due to the muscle building. I Don't eat unhealthy either. Just my normal breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a snack. I do eat outside almost everyday for lunch. Sometimes I get extremely stressed so i end up eating chocolate. But overall, I don't eat that much fat at all. Should I double my workouts so that I can burn more calories or should I just eat two meals a day? When I eat two meals a day, I notice myself losing weight. When I don't eat dinner, I also notice myself getting slimmer. But its very hard when my stomach is suffering from hunger pains for so many hours.
Why am I not getting slimmer?
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