Should I be worried about my head?

Since Thursday I have been getting this weird feeling in my head. I feels like in the center of my head (where my brain is not the scalp) feels like water or a worm is moving up and down for a second.

When this happens I tend to close my eyes and look down. I close them pretty tight as if it hurts but it doesn't.

Friday was the worse. I was out late with friends and I felt while I was watching a show. I was standing up and kept doing my eye thing in reaction. I did notice the loud music made it worse and I admit to feeling panicked. I realized too I felt like I had to lean against the wall for support. When I got home and laid in bed I do not want to stand. Any time I had to get up from bed it felt like it was difficult.

But the days before and after were never that bad. Just felt the movement in my head and shut my eyes then I was fine. It happened standing, sitting, or on the treadmill.

I went to a PA at my college they said to just observe it more if it happens again. I am just worried about it happening again though.

Any thoughts of what it could be or natural remedies incase it happens again. I am student teaching and away from home so it is difficult to see a doctor for scheduling and financial purposes.
Should I be worried about my head?
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