How do I make my hubby lose weight and look after himself?

My husband gained weight, he became fat, I mean, really, really fat and he stopped looking after himself: taking shower every day, wearing clean clothes, exercising, dieting (he has gastritis) and stuff. He works a lot and the worst thing is that I can't help him through his work cause I'm not qualified enough, he get's tired and when he returns home, he just lays on bed and plays video-games. We have a little baby and live in one-room apartment and have sex-time issues, too.
I tried buying him gym abonement, went to nutrition consultant together, but he just doesn't follow instructions and was at gym just 3 or 4 times.
Besides that I'm worried cause he is damaging his health, I feel like he doesn't care anymore if he's attractive for me or not, cause doesn't even want to take a fucking shower not to smell bad. Also all this weight and unhealthy lifestyle influences his sex drive too not in a very good way.
Unlikely him, I diet, workout, am in a good shape in overall and have very high sex drive, like extremely high.
I don't know what to do, someone help
How do I make my hubby lose weight and look after himself?
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