My female friend got obese?

My female friend got obese?
I know her since I'm 14 yo and we spent a lot of time together. She was very attractive in her early 20-ties. We had some drug experience together but 7 years ago she went full into drugs and disappeared. Two months ago someone shouted my name in grocery, I looked around but there was just a caricature of an obese woman. I didn't recognize her. It was my female friend, who earned money with dancing on the boxes in nightclubs. I invited her to visit us (me and my GF). She came and we talked about our past. She explained that her weight gain comes from withdrawal and depression. That she became invisible for men, in general she doesn't feel good. My woman was very cold towards her, not unfriendly but very distanced.
I considered to rebuild our friendship and maybe to try helping her with weight. I'm not a fitness trainer but I don't think it's a big problem to push her fat butt to training and to healthy food. On the other hand, it's maybe my illusory imagination to drive her weight down and there is my partner who won't be happy if I spend time with a girl she knows I had sex with.

Is it pointless and foolish or should I risk and try an attempt to help a person who isn't indifferent as friend for me?
My female friend got obese?
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