I bled on his sheets; should he be angry at me for that?

I'm currently housesitting my boyfriend of 1 year's flat because he's on a business trip.

I got my period four days ago and used a pad and a large menstrual cup (30ml) this night. I wanted to sleep until 8:30 but woke up at 7:30 from leaking menstrual blood.
This happens sometimes due to my very heavy flow in the first two days, but usually I'm at home and I never stain my bed. Also, this was the third day, during which I usually don't bleed as heavily.

This night, I stained my boyfriend's fitted sheet, matress cover and matress. I was wearing underwear AND pants, meaning that I bled through five layers in almost seven hours. I immidiately showered, emptied my menstrual cup, changed my pad, took all sheets off the bed, washed them and cleaned the matress by hand. There's a small, bright beige stain on his matress, two brown stains on his fitted sheet and a stain on his matress cover now and I'm worried he'll get angry at me. I already bought a new fitted sheet (the exact same one) though.

He knows that my flow is really heavy and I have bled on his sweats before (accident, non-intentional), which he was very sweet about and not angry at all. I'm just worried because it's his matress after all... It's not an expensive one, probably cost him 200 to 300$. I'll tell him when he gets home and show him too, do you think he should be angry at me?
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5 mo
The stain on the matress is practically gone, the stain on his fitted sheet is very small and I think I'll buy him a new matress cover because they're fairly cheap (and thick; hence there's still a stain on there which I haven't been able to remove).
Thanks for @MORPHEUS_12 's help on this. To almost everyone else: please read the question the next time.
I bled on his sheets; should he be angry at me for that?
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