How do you react to stress?

Me being the chill person I am, I hate stressing over things I can't fix, things I can't do, or the amount of things I have to do. So, I just never let it phase me. I hate stressing because it's such a helpless state of mind, so I just don't do it.
If I start feeling a build up, I just take nap. It dosen't matter if I have an essay due the next day or if I have to study for a test. I just relax, get it off of my mind, and resume the task later.
Though that part maybe just be the procrastinator in me...๐Ÿ˜‚

What about you? How do you react to stress?
How do you react to stress?
I take my mind off of it & relax
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I get even more stressed
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Panic attack/mental break down
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How do you react to stress?
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